Camp Namekagon Guidelines

Check-out: Noon

  • Quiet Time:
    10:30 PM thru 7 AM.  Please refrain from loud talking or anything that would be disrespectful to your neighbor and the rest of the campground.  Music must be turned off at 10:30 PM.
  • Trash:
    All trash and garbage must be placed in the dumpster.  This includes any cooking oil, grease or left over food.  These are absolutely not allowed to be burned or dumped on the ground. Camp sites must be kept picked up and clean.  Be mindful that there are bears in the area, do not leave any food outside your camper. Once they know it’s there, they will be permanent residents of the campground!  NO LAWN CHAIRS, FLOATING DEVICES OR OTHER ITEMS IN THE DUMPSTER THAT ARE NOT CONSIDERED “TRASH”.  PLEASE TAKE THESE ITEMS HOME WITH YOU AND DISPOSE OF THEM THERE.
  • Vehicles:
    No more than 1 per site, all visitors should park in the designated parking area just below the campground.  Check with the office if you have questions on parking.  This will help keep the campground from getting congested with cars.
  • Fire rings are not to be removed.  Burn clean fire wood only.  ABSOLUTELY no trash in the fire.  Keep campfires to manageable size.  Fire must be completely out when not attended.
  • Firewood:
    Reasonably priced firewood is for sale at the park.  In order to limit the spread of invasive insects and diseases transported on firewood, we would prefer that firewood not be brought into the campground. The sale of firewood helps contribute to the overall quality of the campground.
  • Pets:
    Pets are allowed at Camp Namekagon.  Dogs love to walk with their owners on our trails.  Please keep them on a leash and pick up after them regardless of where they do their “business” and the campgrounds will be a much nicer place for everyone.  Please do not leave your pets unattended.
  • Wild Animails:
    You may see many types of wild animals here.  Please do not feed them.  Fed animals generally become trouble and end up as dead animals.
  • Shower House:
    Please close the door when you leave.  Do NOT flush anything except toilet paper.  Dishwashing and/or clothes washing is not allowed in restrooms.  Please limit your showers to five minutes.  Let us know if toilet paper or towels need to be replaced.
  • Golf Carts/ATV’s:
    No one without a valid driver’s license is allowed to drive golf carts or ATV’s in the park.   ATV’s may be driven from your camp site to the outside town road, but they are not allowed to be driven around the campground.  Please keep your ATV parked in your driveway, not in the grass.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to camp without adult supervision
  • Speed limit in the park is 5 MPH
  • Party lights must be turned off by 10:30 PM, please do not leave them on all night
  • Visitors must check in at the office and must leave the campground by 9:00 PM
  • Thank you for working with us to keep the campground clean and enjoyable for all to experience

We reserve the right to evict anyone not abiding by these guidelines without a refund.

Campground Map